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Giffy Pop

Animated GIFs for everybody and their mother

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A place for all kinds of GIFs. Fandom, non-fandom, political, etc.-- everything except porn.

A NOTE: Gratitude is a good thing. Flaming is not. If you don't like somebody's GIFs, don't waste time starting drama over it. If you prove to be a real jerk then the banhammer WILL emerge.

1) You do need to join to post.
2) ALL NSFW IMAGES BEHIND A CUT WITH A WARNING PLEASE. First offense is a warning and possible post deletion (depending on your responsiveness to fixing it); second offense is a ban.
3) If there's a tag applicable to your post, please use it. The whole point of this comm is searchability! :D
4) ONE preview GIF is okay, but please keep it to 400x300 (width x height, in pixels) or less.

A) If the creator is known & the post has not disappeared & the image is still intact: Post a link to the creator's original post.
B) If the creator is known & but the post HAS disappeared or the image is NOT intact: You can post them here, making sure to reference the creator.
C) If the creator is UNKNOWN: You can post them here as "Creator Unknown."
*PLEASE NOTE: If you see a GIF here that you created but for which you were not given credit, let me know, and we'll rectify that! :D

AND FOR PETE'S SAKE, DO NOT HOTLINK. Use ImageShack or TinyPic instead! :D

Basically the here idea is: The more the merrier! We want this to be a place people can come to share & search for all kinds of GIFs, fandom or not.
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